Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Sexy Smoldering Bronze Look for Grown A$@ Women (GAWs)

As my dear sweet sister Marina always says erbody ain't able. After much delay I have for you a delicious, smokey, bronzey look with grown women (40+) in mind. Nothing against the younger set as I happen to be in that bracket. But much like Mrs. Robinson many women adopt a sense of confidence and security that is in a different bracket after 40. Unfortunately that is also when some of the unfortunate effects of gravity begin to take place. That does not mean however that a woman should feel any less sexy or not wear the hottest trends of the season as she matures. It just means there needs to be a few modifications so as not to accentuate her acquired wisdom (wrinkles).

Now of course as you may have noticed I have coined a special term for "grown women." Terms like older and mature are insulting and not equally applied to men. Enter, Grown Ass Women or GAWs. A GAW does not apologize for her opinion. She has experienced life and has likely been responsible for the development of some miniature humans. She has worked hard for less money and dealt with sexism and misogyny with a smile. I love GAWs, if I had been straight I would have TOTALLY been into a cougar.

So consider this my tribute to those wonderful women who are our sisters, cousins, mothers and grandmothers. Because moving through life is no reason not to feel sexy. I have also chosen a convenient and lovely compact from Urban Decay (UD) to make achieving this look even easier. You can purchase your very own compact here.

The colors I used from left to right are as follows:
1. Virgin
3. Naked
5. Buck
6. Half Baked
10. Hustle

First apply the Urban Decay Primer Potion, which is included with the compact in a sample size, from lash to brow. You can use your finger or a synthetic brush it won't effect the application either way. As I have mentioned in a previous post, applying your shadow prior to foundation or concealer can prevent fallout. Fallout is DISASTROUS for a GAW as it can make her look tired when she isn't. Granted she might be but half the point of makeup is to look well rested right?

Now there is a good bit of fuss about shimmer or frosted shades for GAWs so let me weigh in on that. You ABSOLUTELY can wear them but it's how and where you place them that make all the difference. Super shimmery shades should be on the lid or tear duct ONLY as they can accentuate wisdom. Lightly frosted (satin) shades are perfect for blending in the crease or the lash line. The reduced shimmer in these finishes give a nice glow without accentuating wisdom. Finally whatever your age I HATE high frosted shadow as the brow highlight with few exceptions. Those exceptions are fantasy looks, Jersey Shore makeovers and Totally Eighties parties.

Now stepping of the Dove Soapbox and back to the look. Take a synthetic brush and place a cream gold shadow across your lid. I used Makeup Forever's Gold 004 Flash Color. It is VERY sparkly so focus the product on the lid only.

Now take a flat shadow brush like the MAC 212, and pack the Urban Decay Shadow Half Baked onto the lid over the MU4EVR shadow base. Again stay focused on the lid with this super shimmery shade. The payoff is a gorgeous and sexy shimmer that doesn't overwhelm and looks great with any eyecolor.

The easiest way to get an instant smokey eye is to line the lashes and smudge out the liner with eyeshadow. Fortunately the naked compact includes two of UD's iconic 24/7 water proof eyeliners. With waterproof products you can have a full face by the pool or on the beach.....ya know if you are just too type A to wear a pair of sunglasses. Nonetheless these liners live up to their name let me tell you. So take the shade whiskey and glide it along your upper and lower lash line.

Using a pencil brush, I used MACs 219, smudge UD shadow Hustle into the liner. You should probably do this pretty quickly after lining so that the liner smudges prior to setting. As you can see the smokey bronzey goodness begins to emerge!

This tip has always been my secret weapon to brighten up the eyes. A light and frosty shade right on the tear duct. This trick will work well into your eighties and will always make you look more rested. Here I have applied UD's Virgin with a tiny synthetic brush. Feel free to insert whatever joke you like about the name of the shade...lord knows I did.

Using your favorite fluffy brush, mine is the MAC 224, blend the UD shade Buck into the crease. This is a matte shade that you can't use too much of. It gives a nice soft blend and contrasts nicely with all the shimmer.

Now unfortunately this compact does not have a very good matte highlighter. That said everyone should have a good matte flesh toned or off white highlighting shade. Here I used a Prescriptives shade but would recommend MAC's Blanc Type, or Ben Nye's Toast. So using a large flat shader brush blend your highlighter from the brow down to your contour shade.

I mentioned in a previous post about tight lining. This is not for everyone and can make your eyes look small. It's best to experiment yourself and see what works for you. Successful tight lining will make your lashes look thicker and a smokey look SMOLDERING. I used a basic flat lining brush and black gel liner on the upper and lower water line.

Here I used the UD shade Naked and the MAC 266 angled brush to fill in my brows. As a general rule a GAW should go for a soft brow like this one. Overly defined or overly plucked brows can look harsh or masculine, and while you might love her art no one wants to look like Frida Kahlo. Finally curl your lashes and coat a few times with your favorite mascara and you are ready to take on the world!

As always feel free to suggest any look you would like to see or to pose any makeup question you would like answered. Thanks y'all and ENJOY!

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  1. Fabulous look with easy to follow instructions!
    You rock.
    Michael W