Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fab Products I discovered in NYC

OK so I know it has been a bit since I blogged but I was waiting for, shall we say, inspiration? Well five days in New York City has provided me with a bevy of just that. So to start out I am so excited to share about two FABULOUS beauty finds that are reasonable and unique.

The first is Inglot Cosmetics, a Swiss cosmetic brand that is just now available in the US and giving MAC a serious run for their money. Besides the fact that all their products are INSANELY pigmented they are affordable too! Oh and did I mention that you can customize whatever you want in compacts of 4, 10, and 20!?! By anything you want that would be lipsticks, eyeshadows, even concealers. I could talk all day long about the textures, finishes etc but trust me nothing was of poor quality.

Much to Derek's chagrin they had a store in Times Square, he of course took full advantage of the comfy leather seating to roll his eyes and pray I didn't blow our entire vacation budget on eyeshadow. Imagine how tickled he was to find out that on top of the affordability factor they offer 20 % off to professionals!

You can be excepting some new tutorials with my new pretties very soon but until then please do run on over to their website and build your very own palette of yummy deliciousness!

Now onto my next discovery, which is more bath and body oriented for those that do not share my obsession with making Dolly Parton look demure.

Lush is an organic and all natural cosmetic brand that makes primarily bath and skin products. I can't really describe it to you beyond this so you should just watch this video. But let me just tell you bath time has never been this fun!

If it gives you any idea how much FUN this store and their staff was Derek Mr. "I would rather bathe in sulfuric acid with scorpions than shop with David for cosmetics " had a BALL. We left with two super fun bath bombs and a YUMMY glycerin and sea salt soap. Their products are really nothing like anything I have ever seen or felt.

Also it is so nice to find a company that makes good products that is focused on sustainability and truly living up to the idea of cruelty free. All of the products are vegetarian and some are even vegan and each product has the compounder that made it's name on it. Truly a revolution in how to do business in the world of beauty, this is a brand I actually would have loved to work for.

Hope you find something to love from one of these brands, be on the lookout for my next tutorial which was inspired by the butterfly conservatory from the Museum of Natural History.

Have a beautiful week!